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  • X-Ray Detectors
    • Prevention of foreign material claim and big contribution for PL (Product Liability) & HACCP
    • Excellent detection ability without taking packaging material (Al, Paper, Plastic, etc)
    • For Foods & Beverage, and Pharmacy Industries

  • X-Ray Non-Destructive Inspection Systems For Nano and Micro Focus
    • Electronics and Semi-Conductor : Electronics Chips, Semiconductor Chips, PCB, FPCB, BGA, LED, Dome Sheet, Mobile Phone Components, and so on
    • Die-Casting Automotive Components-Handles, Engine Pistons, Motorcycle Wheels, Tyres, and so on
    • Die-Casting High Power Large Size & High Density Casting Products, Pipe & Tube Welding Parts, Aircrafts Related Parts Inspection, and so on
    • Li-Ion Batteries Cylindrical, Prismatic, Polymer, EV Car Batteries