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  • 7inch Color TFT LCD (800 x 480 Pixels)

  • Easy operating by Touch Screen

  • Multi mode LCD graphical display

  • Voluntary weight range setting function based on the absolute weight system

  • Auto data double back-up system during power down or the electrical supply interruption

  • Auto calibration to Zero and Span

  • Auto Zero tracking function which always set zero value on operation

  • Two-speed operation using inverter (Speed 1, Speed 2)

  • Temperature stabilization and Noise Compensation Circuits are inserted into

  • Max.999 products memory and recall function

  • Data communication with printer or computer(Option)

  • Printing all product data per product Control function for external equipment(Option)

  • Available to control external equipment by input & output interface (Barcode scanner, Inkjet printer, Metal detector, Filling machine and so on) Metal detector com bi type (Option)

  • Simultaneous capacity for detecting metal and weighing in narrow space Convenience of data analysis and accumulation

  • Histogram showing all distribution chart of production

  • Prompt use of the accumulated data by excel program Saving data by USB memory and Updating function

  • Accumulated data can be copied into USB memory

  • Simple update function utilizing SD memory card

  • 1.Conveyor start/stop
  • 2. No
  • 3. Product Name
  • 4. Tare weight
  • 5. Icon
  • 6. Weight/Variation
  • 7. Function keys
  • 8. Weight
  • 9. Decision point/Counter