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  • High performance for metal detection
    - Closed coil system adoption for a completed detection
    - Highly inspection filter actuated for more precise detection
    - Auto conditional adjustment and setting function for a high detection

  • Completed detection system
    - Detection system which can sense in all position in the aperture of metal detector
    - Auto adjustment for sensitivity and product effect depending on product conditions

  • Protection for waterproof / Vibration
    - Achieved IP-66 certificate

  • Excellent durability actualized
    - Auto absorption function for vibration, impact, noise etc

  • Multiple and convenient item registration and security password
    - Items registration until 100 kinds of items
    - Security password not being accessible to any persons
    - Auto sep up function which can easily be applicable to any product

  • Automatic self-checking system
    - Automatic self-checking periodically

  • Data record and management for production
    - 4.3 inch color TFT LCD Touch Screen for easier viewing and operating
    - Korean and English product name input available
    - User data managing system allows user to control data from several computers by providing Lan
    - USB memory can be used in keeping inspection history data of computer
    - Function key(Hot Key) which can retain the frequent menus in memory
    - Sensitivity and Phase regulating function utilizing signal Wave of Oscilloscope
    - Hardened noise filtering to adopt digital filtering technology
    - Buzzer and detection bar for metal detection N.G signal

  • Globalized language
    Basically display is showed in English, Japanese and Chinese including Korean. display can be showed in other language as well. It is easy to interface between person and detector with globalized anguage

  • Digital signal processing
    Every data is controlled by Microprocessor. To stop mistaking in transmission & reception in advance, the detector handles many operations

Modular Belt Conveyor
There are no belt strain and lean caused by oil or moisture. It is suitable belt in not only industry but also food so it is semi-permanent additionally

- Product Name & Product No
- Various icon shape
- Oscilloscope style graph

- Adjusting sensitivity/phase while observing
detection wave
- Graph showing detection variation following
setting value change

- Product name input by touch key board
- Korean, English capital, English lower case, figure

- Daily/weekly/monthly data stats control about contaminated products
- Optional data printing by LCD,USB,printer